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Performance and reward

Our performance and reward policies are designed to motivate our employees to focus on business and personal objectives, deliver and sustain outstanding performance, and behave consistently in line with our values. In reviewing performance and making remuneration decisions, we don’t just look at ‘what’ individuals have achieved, but also ‘how’ they have achieved it.

Our reward policy supports our performance-driven culture by ensuring that individual rewards and incentives are linked directly to the performance of the individual, the business unit and the Group overall. Our rewards are also competitive within the external marketplace, allowing us to attract and retain talented employees.

Standard Chartered is committed to strong governance and supports the Financial Stability Board’s principles on sound remuneration practices. During 2010 we have made a number of enhancements to our existing reward policy, including to our Group-wide deferral framework (where discretionary awards are delivered in a deferred form), which has resulted in increases in deferrals at the highest bonus levels.

Annual Report and Accounts 2010