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Developing staff capacity

We provide staff training at three different levels to ensure that we continue to deliver on our commitment to sustainable finance:

  1. Sustainable lending eLearning: All our credit officers, relationship managers, portfolio managers, country chief executives and senior managers in Wholesale Banking are required to undergo eLearning on sustainable lending. The focus is to raise awareness of E&S risks and demonstrate how such issues can affect both our clients and our performance
  2. Core credit curriculum: All of our relationship managers and credit officers are required to complete credit training. E&S risk management is a component of this course, enabling employees to identify risks associated with our clients, how to incorporate these risks into their overall credit assessments and, subsequently, manage them. In 2010, the course was made mandatory for our Corporate Finance staff
  3. Classroom-based E&S training: Specialised and targeted training has been developed for specific product groups such as project finance, merger and acquisition (M&A) advisory and equity capital markets. This training is designed for employees who have already completed the eLearning and core credit curriculum courses. It will be rolled out in 2011, starting in our bigger markets – Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, London and New York

The sustainable finance training, whose figures are presented in Table 5, is only completed by new employees. Thus the total number of employees completing the course in a given year is dependent on the number of new joiners in that year. In 2010, we focused on training frontline staff in our Wholesale Banking Origination and Client Coverage group.

Table 5: Number of employees trained in sustainable finance

  2005 2006 2007 20081 2009 2010
Total number of employees 2995 1500 2122 2011 3302 3236
Completion rate for Origination and Client Coverage - - - - 92% 94%
Completion rate for Risk - - - - 96% 31%
Completion rate for Country Managers - - - - 52% 42%
Completion rate for Wholesale Banking Management Group - - - - 100% 100%
Breakdown of data not available prior to 2009

Apart from our trained frontline staff, we have a specialist Sustainable Finance team that is responsible for:

  • Assisting deal teams by reviewing, advising on and monitoring E&S high-risk transactions
  • Developing, upgrading and conducting staff training on sustainability issues
  • Advising the WBRRRC on transactions with potentially high E&S and reputational risk
  • Reviewing and upgrading E&S policies and processes
  • Communicating with external stakeholders, including NGOs, the media and international or industry-specific collaborations such as the Equator Principles and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

Key 2010 sustainable finance developments included:

  • The introduction of an intranet site on sustainable finance, providing a one-stop shop for Wholesale Banking employees to locate relevant policies, procedures and guidance
  • The development of a series of sustainable finance case studies to help new Wholesale Banking staff understand how we apply our culture and values to our financing decisions
  • Implementing a position statement on water

2011 sustainable finance priorities include:

  • A comprehensive review of our position statements to address emerging regulatory and E&S issues, and, where relevant, integrating changes resulting from the IFC’s review of its Performance Standards
  • Fine-tuning of internal systems to better capture E&S risks for both Wholesale Banking clients and Consumer Banking customers
  • An update of our training curriculum and training delivery to ensure enhanced capability of frontline staff in managing E&S risks
  • A pilot project of green SME initiatives
  • Strengthening our data collection and reporting mechanism for the Green House Gas (GHG) emission of our power projects
Annual Report and Accounts 2010