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REEF thought leadership

Our markets are of particular relevance to climate change and water issues as they represent 70 per cent of the global population, 60 per cent of the world’s projected energy growth and 75 per cent of the projected growth in CO2-equivalent through to 2030. Also, the majority of water stress worldwide is expected to occur in our markets. For these reasons, and given our commitment to sustainability, we play a fundamental role in leading and participating in various climate change and water policy related initiatives, as follows:

  • We are a founding board member of the Middle East & North African Clean Energy Business Forum, which seeks to promote the adoption of clean energy in the Middle East and North African region
  • We participated in Critical Mass, the post-Copenhagen private sector initiative under the auspices of the United Nations, the World Economic Forum and the IFC. The Critical Mass initiative was created in early 2010 to catalyse private investment for low carbon infrastructure in developing countries
  • We established a REEF equity research team. In November 2010, the team published its first flagship report on renewable energy and the environment, ‘Getting Hotter: Wind, Water, Waste – Framing Renewable Energy & Environmental Finance’
  • We framed the concept and methodology for the Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Insight Note, ‘Sun sets on oil for Gulf power generation’. This article makes the case that it is economically viable to introduce solar into the Gulf Co-operation Council states such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to displace oil-based generation, if this oil is sold on the international market at prices according to our long-term oil price forecast
Annual Report and Accounts 2010